Chametheon - Vanguard


Chametheon - Vanguard


The Chametheon Vanguard mint is currenty live.

Metaverse Avatars

Chametheons are first and foremost metaverse avatars. Built from the ground up for virtual reality, each avatar design has its own personality with unique animated gestures and hand painted skin.

Being optimised for metaverse implementation a Chametheon is a mere 8,000 triangles with only one PBR material making it compatible with web based virtual worlds and even oculus quest enabled VR experiences. An FBX mesh, textures, materials, custom shaders and animations are all included in the unlockable download.

We can even implement your Chametheon for you into Somnium Space, the very best blockchain enabled persistent virtual world for VR and non-VR use so getting into the metaverse with your one-of-a-kind Chametheon could not be easier.


As well as an awesome 3D avatar, each Chametheon comes with a large (2048px) portrait virtual photograph showing the Chametheon's unique personality that can be used as your identity across the web and metaverse as well as being displayed in a virtual gallery anywhere that you can display NFT art. Frame not included.

All work on the Chametheon project is original with the intellectual property belonging to its creator Planet VR and any respective collaboration artists but you are given full ownership and commercial usage rights to use your Chametheon NFT how you wish. Only direct copying and reselling of any of the unlockable assets is prohibited.


The first phase of the project will be delivered progressively over 8-12 months and be shaped by the community. Themes, concepts and design details will be voted on and ideas are welcomed.

Depending on iterative review cycles, a minimum of 88 to a maximum of 888 unique Chametheons will be released in total, after which our entire focus will be placed on adding further layers of utility including games and other experience exclusively for the Chametheon community.

Hand crafted

No algorithms will be used, each Chametheon avatar design is painstakingly hand painted with love taking many days to complete with exquisite detail.

Only the base mesh is shared which is required for interoperability of future accessories.

All other aspects are unique such as materials, gestures and expressions giving each chametheon its own distinct appearance and personality.


Due to the organic nature of the project, absolute rarity will also be organic and be revealed over time but the unique mechanics of delivery will have a rarity strategy built in.

Chametheon NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain in batches of 37 consisting of 8 unique Chametheon avatar designs plus a mix of colour variants. There will be over 400 possible traits so rich diversity is guaranteed.

The 1 special Chametheon per batch will be created with special effects custom shaders and/or by a collaborating artist.

Transparent and fair pricing

Every Chametheon will be sold via an 18hr auction starting or ending at 0.08 ETH so that everyone who would like to own a Chametheon will have a chance to bid.

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  • Project Launch Sept 28th 2021
    First batch of 37 Chametheons released
  • Batch 2 Oct 2021
    Second batch of 37 Chametheons released.
  • Accessories Nov 2021
    Work will commence on accessories. Ideas include wearables, weapons, armour and will be voted on by the community.
  • Project review Dec 2021
    If all Chametheons have new owners work will begin on new batches. These maybe Chametheons, wearables or both.
  • Wearables Jan 2022
    Work commences on wearable armour. Each Original Chametheon (88) with have a corresponding armour set.
  • Armour distribution Feb 2022
    Armoured Chametheons will go on auction. Existing Chametheon owners will the offered a new Chametheon NFT adorning their specific armour for free (+gas).
  • Chametheon Wear Dec 2022
    Chametheon fashion line. Items purchased here can be outfitted onto your Chamethen and minted via the upcoming Chametheon Lab collection.
  • Chametheon Lab Jan 2023
    A new set of avatars created to add into the Chametheon Lab mix. These like the Chametheon Wear items act as keys to unlock mints for the Lab (which do have VRM files + source textures).
  • HX1 Avatar Mar 2023
    A new set of avatars created to add into the Chametheon Lab mix. These like the Chametheon Wear items act as keys to unlock mints for the Lab (which do have VRM files + source textures).
  • New Avatars & Accessories Q1 2024
    As the Chamethoen Lab collection grows new avatars, weapons and accessories will enter the mix with a strong focus on Web3 gaming.