Using your Chametheon

Chametheons have been designed to be used in as many digital realms as possible. They have a very low polygon count ( < 8k triangles) and only one material so they couldn't be much more capable of maximum performance.

The textures are however high resolution (4096px) to achieve the beautiful detail for a great experience close up in VR so you may want to downsize for web applications were closeup detail isn't required and they'll still look magnificant! There are free services from Adobe and others for larger file sizes.

We can even implement your Chametheon for you into Somnium Space ( just reach out on discord ) but if you would like to get your hands dirty and play with these unique creatures you'll have all the files you need in your NFT's unlockable content. Earlier Chametheons do not include some supporting files like animators and expression animations but you can grab them here.

Want to use your Chametheon in Mona or Hyperfy? Grab the VRM files here.

Uploading to Somnium Space

These avatars have been tested in other VR worlds like VR Chat but were built for somnium space primarily. We can implement into Somnium for you (just reach out) but if you've used Unity before just grab the SDK, read the setup docs and follow this simple demo. Supoorting files can also be downloaded from here.

Also check out the Somnium Space Guide.

Facial animations with Gestures

Each chametheon comes with a set of three gesture based facial animations. Placing your hands in certain positions will trigger a facial animation.

Depending on the gesture the animation will loop (Look animation) or come to rest at the end of the animation (smile and unique expression) whilst the gesture position is maintained.

Further Resources

Chametheons can be used in many different places (web and app based virtual worlds, games, movies, etc) and new guides will be published over time. Please follow us for updates.