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Planet VR was created to supply premium VR Content. We've designed and built blockchain enabled 3D assets for the multiverse and now specialise in virtual reality crypto avatars and architecture.

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Snoop High definition avatar Metaverse Concepts

Whilst working with NFT2040 on their Genesis Commando game character an idea entered my mind that had to be explored.

NFT2040 is a blockchain-based FPS game for NFTs designed to distribute value to players. They provide utility to existing avatar NFT collections and are early movers in the blockchain gaming space with an exciting future.



The NFT2040 Genesis Commando was designed to be a formidable stone-cold NFT avatar killer. Ownership of him is a perk of owning a Genesis crate, the premium NFT2040 NFT.

Whilst working on this guy I wondered, who could be behind the mask. That's when Snoop Dogg popped into my head and I got to work on a concept.


SNOOP Commando inSomnium Space VR

My primary focus creatively is VR. I love to create VR avatars and content; It aligns with the original vision of the metaverse and is a wonderfuly immersive experience. Avatars created for VR share many of the characteristics of game assets so are highly interoperable.

I decided to make the Snoop Commando a Somnium Space compatible avatar and create a video showcasing the character singing one of my favourite songs.

Design 2

I was having so much fun working on this that I decided to create an alternative helmet design with a bit more Dogg attitude.

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