CHametheon Story

The Chametheon story begins long ago before Jim's decayed body had been consumed by worms.

Dr Jim Bradford, a pioneering cryogenics professor and the first person to have their brain cryopreserved in 1964 led a dedicated team of some of the brightest bio technologists in the northern hemisphere. His endless fascination with cross species genomics continued long after his natural death.

56 years after his untimely demise under mysterious circumstances he was resurrected into the first of his three custom-built Cyborg Life Support Suits enabling him to continue his life’s work.

During his time as a natural living person, Jim Bradford work was purely theoretical and the first practical experiments, due to their abundance, involved the urban fox that foraged in packs across the baron post-apocalyptic waste grounds. Although considered successful the fox cross-species lacked the intelligence for the intended military applications and were quite docile in nature. However they were surprisingly good fun at the bar.

Following the success of the fox gene-splicing program, big cats were identified as perfect candidates for battle-focused applications. The tiger, cheetah and lynx made the final selection. The trials were extremely effective resulting in highly tactical and ferocious combatants. Unfortunately in real war scenarios, many of the troop were decimated due to an unforeseen weakness concerning red dot Laser sights.

The final and ultimately most ideal species tested was the chameleon. With over 180 sub-species of chameleon, there were ample unique attributes to exploit to match any strategic scenario. High degrees of intelligence and agility mixed with natural camouflage abilities made these Ethereum-fueled human-chameleon hybrids, formidable opponents.

Created, tested and trained to this day at the purpose-built GeneTech lab Chametheons are ready for rapid deployment across the metaverse.

Genetech Lab

Conducting such controversial experiments garnered a great deal of unwanted attention so the Genetech lab was relocated to a purpose built facility 20 miles off the coast of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. This isolated location far away from the conflict zones allowed for total focus and marked the beginning of the Chametheon era.

Chametheon basic training was conducted at the lab but for field training batches were sent to the deadliest conflict zones and battled a multitude of varied foes. Returning to the lab after a completed tour of duty was an arduous journey. Seeking to keep the location secret vehicles are prohibited for final 20 mile sea leg. Walking this distance through mine littered, shark infested, three feet deep water was exhausting and dangerous but worth it to be back in the idilic safety of this hi-tech sanctuary; Great place to party to!

Hybrid Experiments

Utilising knowledge passed on by the late Dr Bradford the top Chametheon scientists began experimental research of their own continuing their creator's work.

Combining their own gene sequences with other life forms resulted in many disappointing failures but the first success came after discovering a small but sufficient gene sample of a long-since extinct prehistoric creature. Once constrained to mythical story books this legendary relic formed the perfect vessel to continue the Chametheon legacy.