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Planet VR was created to supply premium VR Content. We've designed and built blockchain enabled 3D assets for the multiverse and now specialise in virtual reality crypto avatars and architecture and art.

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Avatar Portrait



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4000  ×  6472

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About the Artist

Helix has been working in various creative digital fields for the last 20 years. The last three have included content creation for the metaverse, most recently focusing on virtual reality avatars for Somnium Space.

You can see his latest blockchain avatars at Planet VR.

About this work

This is a hand painted portrait based on an avatar I created for Planet VR. I'm proud of the detail I've been able to pack in to my virtual reality avatars but there is only so far you can go (polygon count, material number and texture sizes) whilst maintaining an optimal VR performance which is critically important. I revel in the near limitless detail I can create with my art series enabling me to breath further life into the characters I create.

This piece has thousands of individual brush strokes melticulously digitally painted.

This is the first in a collection of portaits and other paintings centered around my avatars which will be on display in my gallery soon.

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Created March 2021